Roses N Guns: The totally badass mixtape that rocks

Roses N’ Guns: The totally bad ass mixtape that rocks is a street album which finds the Chi-town emcee/singer/producer combining hip-hop, R&B, rock and pop influences to craft a genre-bending sound all her own.

Roses N Guns: The badder assed mixtape that rocks (The Rematch)

The follow-up RNG release features new material, included are fan-approved leaks “Crossroads,” “The Beautiful People,” “Bird = Word 2.0” and “Pick a Side.” Fans of Nikki Lynette have heard these songs used in shows on MTV, VH1, Showtime and more.

The Strong Survive

Nikki Lynette delivers strong beats and vocals in this collection of songs written and produced by Nikki and Matt Hennessy. ``If you know anything about my music or the Team Bad Ass movement, then you probably already know that I do A LOT of genre blending and my lyrics come from my heart.``

(Manic Pixie Dream Girl)

While the funky pop project screams sass and brash, it is the first in a three part body of work that includes music, visual art, and a short film detailing the experience of being driven to a dark place and finding your way back from it.