I stand out, that is why I never fit in.
I do not follow trends, I set them.
I do not seek anyone’s approval.
I am not powerless.
I think.
I dream.
I get what I want.
I am original.
I can not be labeled.
I will not be told what to do.
I make my own rules.
I am smart in an era of fools.
I am beautiful in an ugly world.
I live without regrets.
I have no shame.
I am not fearful.
I am stronger than most.
I never quit.
I have always been this way.
I do not intend to change.
I am #TheBadAss.


bad-ass 1. adjective. an individual or thing that is rugged, strong, defiant, independent, and is always in a state of readiness to display these qualities; one who does not back down.
The “Team Bad Ass” movement unites people from all over the world who think individuality is the true “cool.” We know who we are, and more importantly, we know who we ain’t. And that’s what makes us so bad ass. Team BadAss is not my fandom, it is my FAMILY. You can’t beat us. Click here to join us.