Whoopi Goldberg & Sherri Shepherd discuss Nikki Lynette’s blog on The View

On February 3, 2012, hit show “The View” featured Nikki Lynette’s Black History Month blog on the show.
Nikki Lynett wrote the article on her Becoming Nikki Lynette blog on… and it definitely got more attention than she’d expected. The post is entitled 10 things my White Friends should do for me during Black History month. “Everybody was really excited about it being featured on The View,” Lynette explains, “especially my friend Becca. The photo for the blog was of me and her at the Sugar Gamer’s Christmas party. I didn’t ask her permission before I used it. I’m lucky she didn’t kick my butt.”

When Nikki Lynette was asked if she thought that her blog being a featured segment on The View had anything to do with her being invited to write for RedEye Chicago, she replies “Probably so. RedEye brought me on to write about my opinions and events and stuff I like, they’re hella cool about it. So I guess that means they like what I’ve been doing.” She also mentioned that she “Lovvvvvvvvvvvves Whoopi Goldberg.” That’s a lot of love.

Watch a short clip from the segment below.

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