Nikki Lynette becomes a writer for RedEye, Chicago’s pop culture newspaper

The RedEye hires Nikki Lynette as a freelance writer for the Page 4 opinion column.
Read about it in Nikki’s words:
“Most indie artists would kill to have a write-up about them featured in a popular newspaper. Now, I’m an indie artist who will be having my own writing featured in one. Sweeeeeeeet!
RedEye is a major publication in Chicago that covers pop culture, sports, and anything else current & newsworthy. Since the paper was launched in 2005 by The Chicago Tribune I have loved it, and the few times that I have been mentioned in it were a HUGE deal to me. I mean seriously…I was stoked.
Now, I am a freelance writer for RedEye. My first OFFICIAL article for the paper will be published in the Page 4 column this Friday.
Obviously, it is a great opportunity for a young artist to write for a major publication. I can not properly communicate the way I feel about this with mere words, so please allow this image to express my feelings more accurately…”

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