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The totally bad ass world of Nikki Lynette

Everybody loves me. Nobodies hate me.

I’m Nikki Lynette, a rapper/singer/producer/songwriter/visual artist from Chicago. I’m also known as Rosey Gunz, President Badass, & The Small Wonder. My nicknames rock. (Insert laughter here)
I make music that is hella awesome and not boring. You can hear my tunes featured in a bunch of shows on MTV, VH1, Showtime, Oxygen, Bravo… sooo many networks. My music is a blend of hip hop, alternative, and pop. I am working on a new EP called Respect My Disrespect. It’ll be a masterpiece of foolishness. I’m constantly disgusted by the “sameness” of most things. Because f*#k same. My fans are all complicated, counter-culture, reckless individuals like me and they’re known as Cult Bad Ass.
Also, I have six body piercings and eight tattoos, I have an unnatural love for cartoons, I twist my own dreads, and my cats are the boss of me. There you have it.

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